Being in a wedding can get EXPENSIVE. Like, outrageously expensive. Don't make your Best Man and Groomsmen go broke from being in your wedding. You want them to look back and remember the awesome time they had, not how they had to eat Ramen noodles for weeks to financially recover from your expensive wedding activities.

There are so many ways you can lessen the blow to your groomsmen's wallets. Here are a few:

1. The tuxedos. Looking sharp doesn't have to come at a high price! That's because the world is at your fingertips. Make sure you do a thorough internet search in your area and beyond for excellent deals on tuxedos and tuxedo rentals. Some rentals start as low as $99 which sounds a lot better than $300. Look for ways to save on the entire outfit!

2. The dinner. You and your bro's appreciate a good hearty dinner right before the big party but it doesn't have to be an expensive steakhouse. In fact, it doesn't have to be at a restaurant at all! Consider purchasing some meats at the grocery store to throw on the grill, grab some beer and look forward to the long anticipated bachelor party coming up.

3. The bachelor party. This is where wallets are emptied and rent is spent. We'll touch on unique bachelor party locations to awe your groomsmen later but for now, just know, that this is where you can do your groomsmen the biggest favor. Focus on venues that do not require a fee to enter. Try scouting out locations that have great drinking deals or offer "more for less". You can even try switching up the day of the week. Instead of having your bachelor shindig on a Friday or Saturday night, try planning for a Wednesday or Thursday night. The guys will appreciate this midweek fun and the money they saved from avoiding the weekend hype.

Your groomsmen are doing you a huge favor by participating in your wedding. Here's a bonus tip, check out our latest Argyle Socks here to help your Groomsmen save on the outfit. Plus, they'll appreciate the gift! Everyone's circumstances are different but don't make this time in your life a burden on theirs. Always be aware of your groomsmen's budgets and never be afraid to ask if they are comfortable spending on certain things.

Weddings can get expensive. Here are three ways to recoup some of the money you’ve spent on your big day:

Rent or sell your wedding dress at Borrowing Magnolia. Raise your hand if your wedding dress is sitting in your closet collecting dust. Mine was too, until a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, I had been struggling with whether or not to keep my wedding dress. One one hand, I paid a pretty penny for it so it was tough to just get rid of it, and on the other hand I was so tired of it just collecting dust and taking up space. A few weeks ago I saw a friend post about Borrowing Magnolia so I signed up and sent my dress in and guess what... each time someone rents my wedding dress, I get paid $180. Every. single. time. it’s rented. That’s a heck of a lot better than getting paid zero dollars for my dress to collect dust and take up space in my closet!  

Sell unwanted gift cards for cash. Did Aunt Agnes get you a gift card to her favorite store, but it’s the last place on Earth you’d ever shop? You can trade that gift card in for cash at Cardpool. It's super easy to sell your gift cards, and the money is sent to you instantly or via check depending on which method you choose. (Sorry Aunt Agnes we've got wedding bills to pay!)

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If try any of these ideas or have any to add, share in the comments section below!



This company had very humble beginnings. Humble and completely spontaneous. I started this business on a whim and it grew faster than I could have ever dreamed. As this company has grown, I've shifted and pivoted with the changing tides. (Like that one time I started my own sock line to keep up with demand.) It's been a really amazing ride, and I've learned so much along the way.

Okay I'm sure you're like..."Will she quit with the dramatic intro?! Just to get to the point!"

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How to Dress Your Groomsmen

Grooms often get the short end of the stick when planning a wedding – and even during the wedding commencement! But if there’s one thing that the groom can (and should) definitely decide on, it’s who he asks to be a part of his side of the entourage. Groomsmen are typically the husband-to-be’s closest buddies, and as such, are the special guys who would be standing behind him as he closes the chapter on bachelorhood. However, there’s an important decision to be made regarding groomsmen: how do you dress them?


1. To match or not to match
Traditionally, a groomsman would wear something that matches what the bridesmaid is wearing. Nowadays, it’s not so much the need to be all matched up than it is to look like a cohesive and well-put together bridal party. A pair of fun groomsmen socks could add flavor to it.

2. Offer choices
Groomsmen are the groom’s friends, so naturally, grooms would want their groomsmen to be comfortable while looking stylish during the wedding. Offer clothing choices so there’d be no need for a friend or two to have to buy a new suit of a specific color when he doesn’t even really like that color. Of course, this should still be in line with the general theme of the wedding.

3. Set a basic standard
Avoid having your groomsmen look like they were just randomly selected out of a pool of guys you met at a soccer game by setting a standard of what they’re expected to wear (like a 3-piece suit, or a black tie) so they won’t turn up wearing a ratty old coat they had at the back of their closet. Don’t forget the shoes, either!

4. Discuss vibes and themes
Discuss the theme that you and your bride-to-be are going for, and explain what that theme entails and what it doesn’t. This is so you can avoid having one or two groomsmen show up in something that doesn’t really blend well with the rest of your groomsmen. Not only will it look like you just plucked him out from a sea of strangers to complete your set of the wedding party, you’ll likely get a side-eye from your bride. Explain the vibe that you’d like for your guys to project, say dashing debonair or chic nerd – whatever floats your boat and won’t alienate your friends! One thing you can do is to make awesome groomsmen gifts such as personalized flasks to complement their unique personality. Theme: check! Vibe: double check!

Ultimately, these guys are the groom’s friends, which means they’re there not only to serve as the guys you pose with in the background during pre-wedding ceremony photos, but also to wish you well in your new journey as a husband. They certainly deserve the best groomsmen gift ideas to make them feel loved. It’s also important dress them well in order to avoid going all groomzilla on your buddies and possibly kissing that brotherhood goodbye.